''...ALLAH tak akan menguji hambaNYA andai dia tak mampu untuk di uji,..kata kata ini aku pegang apabila aku nenghadapi sebarang dugaan dan ujian dariNYA,..semoga kata kata ini turut menjadi inspirasi kepada orang lain,..AMIN~...''

link link,..!shaya terjah,..!



Thursday, November 18, 2010

My _ Minutes Survey

i've been tagged by ini budak tecik,..hehe~wanna know more baout mie,..?sila scroll ke bawah oke,..;)
Instruction : Once you are tagged, answer all the questions honestly. No lying or cheating.
Starting time :1258

Name : mie
Brother(s) : 2
Eye colour : black
Shoe size : 5
Hair : just like others
Piercings : hah?
Height : 147*maybe*
What are you wearing right now : pyjama,..nak tdo dah kan,..;p
Where do you live : klang valley
Favourite number : 1437
Favourite drink : ice lemon tea + mocha
Favourite month : january
Favourite breakfast : salu aku teros lunch,..haha~

-Have you ever-
1.   Broken a bone : totally yes,..!kaki kanan
2.   Been in a police car : never!
3.   Fallen for a friend : nope!
4.   Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : yup,..!2 weeks,..
5.   Swam in the ocean : ade yang sudi ajar berenang tak,..?-.-''
6.   Fallen asleep in school : haha~selalu kott,.
7.   Broken someone's heart : once
8.   Cried when someone died : yezza,.
9.   Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : yup,..!gemok,..
10. Saved e-mails : some important things
11. Been cheated on : dah lali kott

1.   Your room look like : heaven*dunia*
2.   What is right beside you : my lovely gemok,..eh silap!handphone yang baling kucing pon boley mati,..ahaha~
3.   What is the last thing you ate : papaya

-Ever Had-
1.   Chicken pox : form 1
2.   Sore throat : yup,..!masa plkn,..
3.   Stitches : nope
4.   Broken nose : never!i love my nose,..!

-Do You-
1.   Believe in love at first sight : i do believe,..
2.   Like picnics? : extreamly crazy,..!
1.   Who did you last yell at? : alya,..sebab degil tanak tuka baju,..;p
2.   Who was the last person you danced with?  : tak pernah menari
3.   Who last made you smile? : my dear gemok

-Final Questions-
1.   What are you listening to right now? : bunyi jam dinding plus bunyi kipas syiling,..ahaha~
2.   What did you do today? : blogwalking and celebrating hari raya with my dearest family
3.   Are you the oldest? : nope! 3rd child
4.   Indoors or outdoors? : love both,..!

-Today did you-
1.   Talk to someone you like? : yezza~
2.   Kiss anyone? : baby alya
3.   Sing? : i dont think so~
4.   Talk to an ex? : wth
5.   Miss someone ? :  yup,..!gemok
6.   Eat? : of course la,.hari hari pon makan,..

-Last person who-
1.   You talked to on the phone? : gemok
2.   Made you cry? : gemok
3.   Went to the movies with? : gemok
4.   You went to the mall with? : adek
5.   Who cheered you up? : mie myself

-Have you-
1.   Been to Mexico? : tunggu gemok bawak
2.   Been to USA? : kat sini ke gemok,..?;p

1.   Have a crush on someone? : maybe
2.   What books are you reading right now? : kompilasi budak setan by ahadiat akashah
3.   Best feeling in the world? : when i can smile without mercy + to love and beloved
4.   Future kids name? : initial A plus H
5.   Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : never
6.   What's under your bed? : nothing
7.   Favourite sport(s) : netball + cross country
8.   Favourite place : tempat sejuk,.*freezer maybe,..haha~*
9.   Who do you really hate? : back stabber liar unfaithfull
10. Do you have a job? : ya,..baby sitter
11.  What time is it now? : 0110

p/s : With however long it took you to complete this, post as "My _ Minutes Survey" and tag 15 people.

i tag all readers!ahahahaa~~sape baca kena buat,..!;p


Siti said...

oo dah penah buat eh? takpe2, next tagging saya tag awak lagi k? hehe ^__^

srikandi mie said...

hehe~orite,..!;)thankx cik siti,..;D